Good air quality in our homes can transform our living environments into energizing spaces or relaxing sanctuaries, taking care of our wellbeing in an effortless way. An active home life with a variety of house routines requires support to the different aspects of our lives; such as cooking, entertaining, sleeping, as well as care taking of children and pets. This means also having flexible and innovative air quality management solutions. Affecting our physical wellbeing and our mood, creative air purifying solutions can provide us means for a calm, safe place to enjoy our everyday lives and at the same time feed our desire for enhanced experiences.

Design challenge: How can air purifying be designed in a way that enhances the quality of the different activities in our living environments and addresses specific needs?



The traditional air purifiers work through an air filtration system where a fan sucks the air from one side, filters it, expelling clean air out the other side. This movement of air can sometimes make the situation worse, as it sets in motion allergens that would otherwise remain stationary on surfaces. Attracto instead exploits the electromagnetic energy to attract allergens to itself.

One of the places dust accumulates more is on TV screens, PCs and electronic devices. This happens because electronic devices generate an electrostatic field that attracts the dust to the inside, thus making deposits on their surfaces. Attracto exploits this problem and uses it to its advantage. The system is composed of a glass circular surface fixed to the wall that is loaded by induction thus generating an electrostatic field. On the surface slice two rotating blades that clean the glass once the dust is trapped. The system is controlled through the display in the centre of the device, through which you can change the intensity of the electrostatic field and the movement of the blades. The structure is easily removable to allow emptying when the tank is full.




March 2014