In today’s modern world, we consume entertainment in the same way that we previously consumed art. Our eye is drawn to colours and sharpness of images on a screen, evoking in us a sense of wonder and offering a window into an unlimited number of new worlds. Acting as a pedestal, the Samsung Kandinsky treats the TV as if it were a precious painting, emphasising the bezelless screen as a key feature of the composition and elevating its functionality while highlighting its beautiful design.


The Samsung Kandinsky’s name is an homage to renowned artist Wassily Kandinsky, who considered colour the most important element of his work and a tool to arouse different emotions in the viewer. In the same way, colour is a key feature of the Samsung QLED screens. The screen recreates every shade of colour in the same faithful way that each shade is carefully chosen by an artist in the painting process. The chromed finish of the Samsung Kandinsky is designed to let the colours on the screen shine, framing them as if it were a piece of art being displayed and not a television, all the while being sure not to detract from the display.

The television is no longer a purely technological item to be hung on the wall and forgotten about, but it has rather become an icon of the age of access to unprecedented data and information, particularly with the rise of the Smart TV. The Samsung Kandinsky highlights the significance of the television by elevating it to the level of a piece of designer furniture to be proud of and showed off.


The Samsung Kandinsky can be folded to ensure ease of packing and transport and the stand can also be adjusted to fit different size televisions. A hole in the frame ensures the mount can be fixed easily to the TV with a screwdriver, while the hollow frame allows television cables to be hidden inside the structure.


With its sophisticated finish and sleek design, the Samsung Kandinsky makes a striking addition to any interior. The stand has been designed to complement modern interiors to the same degree that it juxtaposes more traditional settings; it is at home in any space and is aimed at an audience who wish to see their TV not only as an entertainment centre but also as a true design statement and a decorative piece.


JULY 2017